Dahlia is the new emerging band in the Swedish alternative rock scene.  With a deep and heavy ambience-sound their music combines melody and bright vocals to create a unique mixture between modern metal and pop music.  

During autumn 2016, singer and artist Rebecka Haak met with guitarist and producer Jesper Westerlund. After several successful music improvisations the two began to write songs together. A number of pieces were finished in a short span of time and they decided to form a band with the name Dahlia.
In winter/autumn 2016, the band lineup became complete when bassist Dani Delev and drummer Andreas Eriksson joined. By now, the group had enough music material to record an album.
In January 2017 Dahlia started to record drums at Westerlund Studio for their first self-titled album and thereafter bass, guitars and vocals. During this time they also contacted video producer Hannes Knutsson who would later shoot the video for Dahlia´s single “Gravity”.  The video was released on the 25th of August the same year.